Project Shine aims to enhance social integration for youths with special needs by forging a community where they will be empowered to do things independently. We aim to plan a series of fun and enriching activities under the theme: The Sea Quest for the special needs youths that will provide them with the opportunity to gain valuable skills such as creativity and fine motor skills. 

Through Project Shine: The Sea Quest, we hope to engage the clients in a fun and engaging manner, while showcasing a wide array of activities that provides the youth with knowledge about sea creatures . All our activities are specifically designed to enhance the member’s motor skills such as strengthening their muscles and improving their coordinated body movement. We also hope to improve their emotional and psychological well-being by giving members the social interaction that they need. By empowering the members, we hope that our activities can give them a channel for self-expression and self-development. 

Members will embark on 5 sea adventures:

Chapter 1 – Message in a Bottle 

As our adventurers embark on their Sea Quest, they will first need a map to follow the way to the treasure island! The adventurers will decorate their map and place it in a lantern jar that will light their way through the voyage! Youths will be engaging in sensorial activity, where they experience uncommon and unique textures such as seashells and sand.

Chapter 2 – Setting Sail

Before embarking on the sea quest, our adventurers will craft a vehicle to support their voyage! This miniature vehicle will be designed using wooden ice cream sticks, glue and decorative materials to add a personal touch. Youths can look forward to experimenting with the concept of buoyancy.

Chapter 3 – Finding True Friends

Our adventurers embark on an underwater exploration, where they meet some friends who encourage and help them on their voyage. They forge friendships with these sea creatures, who are excited to join them on their quest to treasure island! Youths can have fun in a fishing activity and sensory play with water beads and slime. 

Chapter 4 – Bounty of the Sea

During the journey, the adventurers stumble upon a beautiful coral reef! The hungry adventurers will recreate this scene with delicious treats decorated with vibrant colours, while working on their fine motor skills along the way. Through baking and decorating, youths can look forward to expressing their creativity with this fun and tasty activity!

Chapter 5 – Treasure Ahoy!

At long last, the treasure island is within sight! Our adventurers make their way onto the shore, and begin extracting the vast amount of treasures around the island! Youths can look forward to tons of treats and fun as they fill up their treasure box.

Info about YCS

Youth Corps Singapore champions youth volunteerism and is a national institution that empowers and supports young Singaporeans who are keen to serve the community. We are a movement of young people with strong esprit de corps and service ethos to ignite positive change in society. In making a difference, we harness the optimism of young people, the passion of community partners, and the transformative power of service-learning. Project Shine is a youth-led initiative under Youth Corps Singapore. This opportunity is part of a Pay-it-Forward Award (PIFA) project supported by Youth Corps Singapore. PIFA is available for youth leaders who have completed the Youth Corps Leaders Programme.


Every fortnight, on Saturdays

Jan: 8, 22

Feb: 12, 26 

Mar: 12

Time: 2pm – 3.30pm 


The Red Box

113 Somerset Rd

Singapore, 238165

Cost: Free for YAA! members

Please contact us at 8691 3053 or email for membership enquiries.

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