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Advisory for all Rainbow Centre visitors (Updated 13 Feb 2020)

Thank you for your continued partnership with Rainbow Centre.

In this season of increased measures in the light of the COVID-19 situation, we aim to reduce visitor numbers at our campuses, so please consider postponing your visit and liaising with our staff remotely where possible.

If the visit is necessary, please know that all persons entering must take their temperature each time they enter or re-enter the premises. They must also make a travel declaration at the security counter.

We respectfully ask that you do not enter the campus should you:

a) have a temperature of 38°C or higher; and/or
b) feel unwell; and/or
c) have travelled to mainland China within the past 14 days; and/or
d) have a household member who is currently serving Quarantine Order.

Thank you for helping us to keep our clients, families, partners and staff safe and healthy.

For updates on the COVID-19 situation, please refer to

Source: Ministry of Health