In Progress

In Progress
Acrylic and marker on canvas
91.4cm x 121.9cm
Bill Austin Utama (18, Rainbow Centre Talent Art Programme)
Hannah Binte Gezali, Khairiana Binte Hafizudin, Salsabila BInte Khairil Anuar, Putri Inqa Tashqyra Binte Ahmad Kamal (15, Greenridge Secondary School)

Rainbow Centre champions the spirit of inclusion through collaborations with community partners. Since 2008, Greeenridge Secondary School has worked with us annually on various art projects. For the Prism art exhibition, TAP student Bill Utama and four 15-year-old students developed the idea of depicting Singapore’s transformation from fishing village to metropolitan city. The kampung house, palm trees and shophouses represent the past, while the skyscrapers represent the present. The contrasting warm and cool colours allude to the change in lifestyles over time. The numbers on the skyscrapers point to our prospering economy. The artists also applied the impasto technique on the buildings to create different textures.