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Acrylic on canvas
30cm x 40cm
Aniq Abqary bin Muhd Azhrin, Elias Lim, Haribala s/o Muruganatham, Nurul Ezzati Binte Azman, Oscar Chew, Tobey Tan, Zheng Huaijie (9, Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School)

Kueh is the Malay word for a sweet and sticky treat often eaten as dessert. This art piece depicts 4 different types of kueh that can be found in Singapore: ondeh ondeh, kueh lapis, pulut inti, and kueh koo. Their origins can be traced back to Malay and Indonesian cuisines, adapted by the Peranakans who also popularised the term “Nonya Kueh”. It is interesting to see how the traditional kueh with so much cultural influence remains well loved today by Singaporeans and foreigners alike.