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Local Must-Eats
Mixed media: clay, sponge, felt cloth, paint, paper
Andre Lim, Ares Cheng, Austen Lim, Ayman Zharif Akalai, Chai Hao Yu, Chen Jun Jie, Gendrick Ho, Gibson Lew, Goh Yu Xiong, Iman Faruq bin Jaris, Jones Lim, Kenton Au, Leow Zi Yang, Mia Qaisara Binte Khairudin, Muhd Azhad bin Mohd, Muhd Danish Haikal bin Mohd Noor, Nuryn Qalisha Binte Muhd A’syur, Ooi Yi Jing, Peiro Goh, Richelle Neo, Rufel Ayden Mizaki bin Indra Kamalzakie, Syed Syabil Danial Putra Syed Iskandar, Tan Kai Xiang, Tengku Rayyan Bin Tengku (7, Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School [Woodlands])

When this group of seven-year-olds was asked what is typically Singaporean, their unanimous answer was, “food!” Using materials such as felt, clay, sponge and cotton wool, they recreated local dishes they like: (clockwise from top left) chicken rice, popiah, satay and kaya toast. For example, they modeled clay to create rice grains, and for the satay, soaked the cotton wool in brown-coloured white glue and molded it around a satay stick. Say the classmates in their description of their finished piece, “Through this artwork, we hope to capture the beauty of Singapore’s diverse cultures.”