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Rainbow Centre is building a third campus to cater to the growing demand for special education programmes in Singapore. When it is completed in 2022, this new campus at 21 Admiralty Lane will serve 300 students with autism, aged from 7 to 18 years old.

In conceptualising the design for our new campus, we envision a school where learning can take place everywhere, where our students will have ample opportunities to participate in community life on campus, thanks to its “social town” concept which incorporates vocational, recreational and retail spaces into the campus grounds. 

Our educational programmes aim to nurture and develop our students so they will lead thriving lives in inclusive communities. We believe that a firm step towards greater inclusion is through the sharing of spaces, and we want to extend an invitation to you as members of our community to contribute and share in those spaces. 

In our fundraising efforts for our Rainbow Centre Admiral Hill campus, we are building more than just a new campus. We are building for community. 

The second phase of our Building for Community campaign will run from 1 September 2021 to 31 March 2022.

Join us in building #spacesforcommunity!

Donations made from now to 31 March 2022 under the Spaces for Community campaign can attract dollar-for-dollar matching funding up to $250,000 from the Tote Board under its Enhanced Fund-Raising Programme.

Visit our campaign page on Giving.sg to make your donation today!


Other ways to give:

1. Donate through Paynow

Donations via PayNow are temporarily unavailable. We apologise for any trouble caused.

2. Send a cheque

1. Fill in the online giving form and indicate “Spaces for Community” under remarks.
2. Make cheque payable to “Rainbow Centre, Singapore”.
3. Indicate clearly on the reverse side of your cheque: full name, email, NRIC/ FIN/ UEN, contact number and “In support of the Spaces for Community campaign”.
4. Mail cheque to:
Attn: Advocacy and Community Engagement
Rainbow Centre, Singapore
501 Margaret Drive
Singapore 149306


3. Make a cash donation

Please drop by our office if you would like to make a cash donation:

Rainbow Centre Headquarters
501 Margaret Drive, Singapore 149306

Our office is open from 8am to 5.30pm, Mondays to Fridays.

You may fill in our online giving form before your visit.

4. Share our Spaces for Community campaign

Share the link to this page through your staff communications, society pages, newsletters, bulletin boards…the more the merrier!

5. Start your own campaign for us!

How to create your own online fundraiser on Giving.sg:

  1. Visit www.giving.sg/rainbow-centre/spacesforcommunity
  2. Click “Fundraise Now”
  3. Keep Rainbow Centre as the organisation you are fundraising for
  4. Give your campaign title a meaningful or cool name
  5. Add #spacesforcommunity to the end of your campaign title  
  6. Select content and photos from the Spaces for Community campaign to add to your campaign.
  7. Tell everyone about it!

Dive into our new campaign #spacesforcommunity, to learn about the power of design and architecture in creating inclusive spaces.

You and I experience the world in a unique way. What we often don’t realise is the power of design and architecture to create spaces which shape our lives and include or exclude people with differences, like disabilities. Spaces for Community aims to broaden our shared understanding of inclusive design and accessibility to seed conversations and spark ideas on designing solutions for the disabled. After all, when we solve for one, we solve for many. 

Spaces for Community is an educational campaign part of Rainbow Centre’s Building for Community fundraising effort to raise $5 million for our new Admiral Hill Campus which will serve 300 students with autism. Designed with a Social Town concept, the campus will host regular inclusive community events and opportunities to connect our students with the public. Support our campaign with a donation today!

Read more about our past campaign #chairsforcommunity, to find out how every chair tells a story of inclusion for our clients.

When you walk into a room full of people and there is no seat left for you, how do you feel? When a seat is too low, too small, or too unsafe, don’t you wish for another chair?

Chairs are powerful pieces of furniture. A humble chair can make a difference in community building and inclusion. The right chair can help us feel better, function better, even communicate better. It could even help us to belong and be included in a conversation, and in society.

Through our Chairs for Community campaign, we share how every chair tells a story of inclusion for our clients.

Chairs for Community is part of our Building for Community fundraising campaign. We are raising $5 million for our new campus Admiral Hill Campus in Sembawang for 300 students with autism for learning and inclusion in community.

Here are other ways to Get Involved in the work that we do