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Job Coach

26 Oct 2018

About the Role

The Job Coach is to assess the scope of potential work internships and attachments in key areas as identified by the school. He/she will be involved in formulating vocational training plans for the students and monitor their performance on-site to ensure it translates into successful transition to the next placement.

Responsibilities include:
a. To develop vocational training plans and materials with accommodations and adaptations where necessary.
b. To conduct pre- and post-vocational assessments of the students.
c. To conduct vocational training in school within simulated environments where possible.
d. To plan vocational goals in consultation with the class teachers, senior teacher and/or lead teacher.
e. To work with partners on internship/attachment/placement/community service opportunities with respect to support and accommodations that might be necessary.
f. To train and monitor student’s on-the-job progress and performance.
g. Ensures job matching and provide career counselling

Candidate Requirements

Technical Competencies:

  • Recognised diploma (minimum)
  • Relevant training in special education is preferred but not mandatory
  • 3-5 years working with individuals with disabilities
  • Prior experience in areas of vocational training, assessment or placement is highly preferred

Core Competencies:

  • Knowledge and experience with students with special needs
  • Knowledge and skills in specific vocation domain
  • Effective communication, and able to build and maintain positive working relationships with internal as well as external partners, including families

Preferred Achievements / Characteristics:

  • Good judgment in matching students to job skills / placement in meeting needs of partners.
  • Good organisational skills to ensure optimal resource usage (physical, financial) and flow of vocational activities.

Employment Type:

Full Time (Permanent)


Qualified and interested candidates are invited to email your resume, duly completed Job Application Form together with copies of your Educational Certificates and Transcripts to recruit@rainbowcentre.org.sg

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.