Recognising that families are an important source of support for persons with disabilities and that the responsibilities as caregivers, providers, and companions can take a toll, we also come alongside families with services such as our OOSH student care centres, the Family Empowerment Programme, and our Family Life Services.

Family Life Services

The Family Life Services (FLS) unit aims to enhance the quality of life for persons with disabilities and their families, by providing person-centred care planning, capability building for caregivers, and advocating for and helping to build, inclusive communities.

Our social workers collaborate with other professionals to ensure students’ and families’ voices are heard and included in decision-making. Ultimately, we hope to see families achieve the following outcomes:

  • Resilience to caregivers’ stressors
  • Understanding of their child’s abilities and needs
  • Positive interactions with their child
  • Awareness of available support and resources
  • Socially connected to communities


Case Management and Service Coordination

Using a client empowerment framework, social workers address specific challenges that families may face when caregiving for and parenting their child with disability.

Areas addressed may include:

  • Child behaviour management
  • Caregiving stress
  • Childcare arrangement
  • Respite care needs
  • Transition planning
  • Family dynamics (eg, sibling relations, marital issues)
  • Financial challenges
  • Crisis support

Capability Building

FLS facilitates family support groups aimed at promoting parent networks as sources of support. Support groups include Siblings That Are Really Special (STARS) and Voices of Fathers (VOF).

In order to support families at key transition points, FLS conducts group sessions for parents of students newly enrolled in our early intervention services. They also facilitate transition planning and service coordination for students who turn 15, in preparation for graduation at 18 and life after school.

Community Building

FLS works with community partners to enhance opportunities for inclusion for persons with disabilities and their families. We do so by advocating for their needs, and partnering with communities to design programmes and build resources that meet their needs.


Margaret Drive campus (main line) – 64727077
Yishun Park campus (main line) – 6482 2592
Woodlands campus (main line) – 6817 9300

Family Empowerment Programme

The Family Empowerment Programme (FEP) serves parents facing persistent challenging behaviours in children and youths with disabilities. When parents are able to manage the challenging behaviours, starting from the home, the child’s/youth’s learning, independence and inclusion in the community can also be improved.

This strengths-based, family-driven programme focuses on working with parents and the family in the child’s/youth’s home or natural environment. Parents develop knowledge and skills to manage current and possible future behaviours and draw up proactive plans for difficult episodes with their children both in their home and community. The structured crisis-stabilisation service comprises up to 10 sessions over a period of up to three months.



The criteria for admission into the programme include:

  1. Child/youth (3-35 years old) with disability displays unresolved and challenging behaviours in the community and/or at home.
  2. Parents are to be active participants in the programme.


To apply, please email


Does the FEP provide individual therapy for children?

The primary focus of FEP is to coach parents and caregivers to address current and future challenging behaviours of their children. No individual therapy is provided for children in this programme.

What are the types of persistent challenging behaviours which are considered for admission into FEP?

These behaviours include inflicting injuries on self or others and causing damage to property.

What is the required commitment from parents/caregivers?

They are to be active participants in the programme and are expected to:

  • Attend all sessions arranged by the FEP team
  • Complete the pre- and post-programme evaluation form
  • Complete the behaviour management log
  • Share with the FEP team about child’s progress and issues faced
  • Develop strategies collaboratively with the FEP team
  • Proactively practise the strategies with their child
I am a working parent. Will the team be able to meet me after working hours or on weekends?

The programme operates on weekdays from 8am to 5.30pm. Each scheduled session will not take more than 2 hours. These sessions will be arranged ahead of time so that parents/caregivers can make arrangements to attend.

My child does not attend Rainbow Centre; will we still be eligible for FEP?

Yes you can apply for FEP. Please email us at


OOSH is an out-of-school-hours care service for students with disabilities. OOSH centres offer vibrant, nurturing and safe environments with a range of activities aimed at cultivating the interests and abilities of each student and recognising them as the unique individuals that they are.

OOSH is suitable for students aged 7 to 18 years who are currently enrolled in a special education (SPED) school.


The learning experiences at OOSH occur predominantly through play and performing of meaningful activities. The programme aims to encompass all the interactions, experiences, routines and events, planned and unplanned, to occur in an environment designed to support students’ well-being and facilitate their learning and development.

The environment is designed to mimic a home, with distinct exploration zones for students to discover and engage in a variety of activities. These zones include a reading area, a creative area for art expression, floor and sofa play area for social activities, and calming and music spaces for quiet individual time. The centre is also equipped with a fully functioning kitchen where cooking and food exploration activities may be carried out.

On a typical day, students will be guided by a timetable where there will be opportunities for participation in daily living routines such as hygiene and self-care, meals, and cleaning. There will be facilitated activities of the day, designed and planned through collaboration with students, incorporating their interests, strengths, and abilities.

Operating Hours

OOSH operates from 7.45am to 12.30pm and 1.00pm to 5.45pm respectively during the school term, in accordance with the MOE school term for primary and secondary schools. During school holidays, the centre operates full days from 7.45am to 5.45pm.

OOSH is closed on:

  • Scheduled school holidays
  • Public holidays
  • Eve of New Year’s Day, Chinese New Year, and Christmas
  • Five days annually for centre cleaning

Please see MOE’s school terms and school holidays.


Eligibility Criteria

  1. Aged 7 to 18 years
  2. Currently enrolled in a special education (SPED) school
  3. Diagnosed by a registered medical practitioner in Singapore to have Autism Spectrum Disorder, or an intellectual and/or physical disability
  4. Able to participate in small group activities
  5. A Singapore citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident


  • Student should not require one-to-one adult supervision or have any behaviours which threaten the safety of self or others.
  • Student should be independent in all areas of daily living

Application Process & Timeline

Please email for the application form. You may also request for a copy of the OOSH Parent’s Handbook at the same email address.

The completed OOSH application form with its relevant supporting documents will have to be returned to:

Central Admissions
Rainbow Centre
501 Margaret Drive, Singapore 149306


OOSH Margaret Drive
501 Margaret Drive
Singapore 149306

OOSH Yishun Park
615 Yishun Ring Road
Singapore 760615

Tel:  6817 9410