We aim to make work possible for persons who desire to work, including those of higher support needs. We believe this is possible with inclusive colleagues and environments that seek to create jobs according to each person’s unique abilities and strengths.

At Rainbow Centre, where many of those we serve have higher support needs, our Workability programme enables their employment through innovative design of jobs and supports, alongside highly person-centred job coaching.

For young persons with creative flair, our Artability programme develops art skills to make it possible for them to engage in art-related work opportunities.

Our Micro Business Academy empowers families to run small-scale enterprises or gain self-employment with meaningful participation from their young adult child with disability.

Work is an important part of a thriving life. It engages us in contributing to society and connecting with others while doing so. 

Collaborate with us to volunteer as a support person or to turn your workplace inclusive, so that we can make work possible for more people.

Rainbow Centre SPED student Frasier Lee on the first day of his internship at Seeds Cafe.


We provide students with the opportunity to experience work through vocational training and internships with our partner companies. Our students are closely supported by Job Coaches, who provide onsite evidenced-based and person-centric training and are the bridge between students and our partners.

At Workability, we aim to make work possible for students of higher needs with the potential and desire. We do this by partnering with businesses for internship opportunities and journey with them to become inclusive employers. 

Workability supports young persons between the ages of 17 and 18, when they are in the last two years at the Rainbow Centre schools. Through person-centric job coaching and customised supports, we aim to make our students work-ready and employable.

We want to work with you if you are interested in becoming an inclusive employer, even if you are new to it and  don’t know where to start.

Take a look at our Employer’s Resource guide for the ways you can collaborate with us!

Email us at partnership@rainbowcentre.org.sg if you would like to explore how to partner us in making work possible for our students and graduates!

See what our partners have to say about our students and graduates!

Park Hotel

“The students completed their work according to how they were taught. They followed the steps duly and consistently, never taking any shortcuts.”

YMCA @ One Orchard

“Jay* and Lisa* interned with us for 6 months. In the beginning, we wondered if they would be able to handle their job responsibilities. We also found it a little difficult to communicate with them as they don’t really initiate conversations or respond to us. With the help of job coaches, the students learned all the tasks and did them well! We’re pleasantly surprised.”

Pizza Hut

“My employees shared how Jason* would take the initiative to help them when he saw them struggling with their work. This surprised us as Jason appeared to be quite aloof when he first started work. Sometimes, he would not reply us when we said ‘Hello’ to him. However, Jason gradually warmed up to us and began to show care and concern to his co-workers!


At Artability, we develop the art skills of students with creative potential, making it possible for them to engage in art-related work opportunities. 

The works of the Artability apprentices are displayed at Rainbow Centre’s Seeds Cafe and can also be found in this catalogue

Work with us today to commission works, or become a volunteer mentor to our budding artists to continue their artistic journey as young adults!

  • See how our apprentices’ artworks have been featured on the National Gallery, buses, pens, and more!
  • See a collection of our past works here
  • Email us at artability@rainbowcentre.org.sg if you would like to commission an artwork or explore how to partner us in making work possible for our apprentices and graduates!
  • Our Artability apprentices’ artworks are available for sale, browse our e-catalogue!

Hear what visitors to our 2019 art exhibition had to say about our students’ artworks!

Dear Bernard Ng,

Your art makes me think of love, harmony and staying positive!


Dear Noah Tan,

I like your art because it has so much bright details and vibrant colours.


Dear Muhammad Naufal,

Your art makes me feel happy because it is really colourful!


Micro-Business Academy (MBA)

Our Micro Business Academy works with families that want to run small-scale enterprises or gain self-employment with meaningful participation from their children. We provide both business planning and development skills, together with highly person-centric skills-coaching to the caregiver and child with special needs.

Filmer's Chiffon Cake (@Filmerschiffoncake)

An alumnus of Rainbow Centre, Filmer Tan was born with pilocytic astrocytoma, a rare form of brain tumour. Noting Filmer’s passion for cakes as a teen, his father, Mr Galvin Tan, learnt how to bake chiffon cakes from scratch, passing on his skills to his son. Together with his wife, they started Filmer’s Chiffon Cakes, a home business supported by Rainbow Centre’s MBA.

Tepung Pelita Zurah (@tepungpelitazurahsg)

The Kuih Tepung Pelita Zurah, named after Rainbow Centre alumnus Nazurah (Zurah) Binte Noorabidin, was one of the first micro businesses supported by the MBA. Worried for Zurah’s future livelihood, Zurah’s mother, Mdm Zarifah Binte Osman, decided to set up a home business selling kuih tepung pelita, a traditional dessert that is popular especially during the fasting month. Besides earning a living with Zurah at home, doing so allows Mdm Zarifah to engage her with purposeful activities. This includes Zurah learning skills such as cutting and washing pandan leaves to make fresh pandan extract, and carefully pasting the brand’s logo onto each tub.

AJAH Snacks (@ajah_snacks)

Cecilia (right), founded Autism Joy and Hope as a means for Cheriss (left) to be meaningfully engaged and earn an income after her graduation, while being in a safe and supported environment. The name reflects their wish for all persons with special needs to live with Joy and Hope.

They currently operate the canteen snack store and vending machine at Rainbow Centre Admiral Hill School (RCAHS), and pack snack bags for events!

AJAH provides a platform for Cheriss and students at our RCAHS to learn numeracy and community living skills.

Gek Sisters (represented on @social.gifting)

Gek Teng (left) and Gek Huee (right) are graduates of Rainbow Centre Margaret Drive School. Post-graduation, Gek Teng stays meaningfully engaged by attending a Day Activity Centre (DAC) part-time and doing packing and labelling jobs from home. While Gek Huee does not attend a DAC, she finds employment through packing tasks and creating elaborate bead designs, which can be found on Social Gifting.

They are supported by their full-time and dedicated caregiver mother and community partners who make work possible for them.

Vince's Diamond Art (@craftsbyvince)

After graduating from Rainbow Centre, Vince works part-time doing housekeeping. In his free time, he enjoys staying engaged at home by doing diamond art.

His diamond art was once put up for auction at a charity golf event to raise funds for Rainbow Centre’s new campus for students with autism. 

This motivated him to continue his interest in making more diamond art pieces of different sizes and designs.

Gentle Hands Craft (@sggentlehandscraft)

As a parent of a child with moderate autism, Christine is faced with the challenge of helping her son, Bingda, transit to become an independent adult.

She started Gentle Hands Craft to help him fulfil his potential as an individual by providing him with an environment with specialised job training and resources such as lifeskills coaching and relevant therapies.

The hope is that he has a friend, a group or even a community to grow with.