Every Bit Counts

Muhammad Rasul Bin Abdullah, 14, and his brother Raihan Mustaqim Bin Johari, 12, attend Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School. Although the brothers are affected by hearing and speech impairments, they enjoy going to school and are always helpful to their peers.

For the boys, home is a 3-room HDB flat with their parents and three younger siblings. Their mother, Mdm Suriati is a homemaker and the children’s main caregiver, while their father, the sole breadwinner of the family, works as a general cleaner.

Through CapitaLand’s ‘Gifts of Joy – The Essentials Edition’ initiative, the family received $300 worth of grocery vouchers which Mdm Suriati could use to purchase milk powder and diapers for her youngest child, as well as food items for the family.

“Thank you for helping my family,” Mdm Suriati expresses.

“We have been living a simple life. With these vouchers, I am able to purchase more food items for my children, who are growing teenagers and need more nutrition. I teach my children to be thankful with what we have. If there is an abundance of food, that is our blessing. If there isn’t, we should also be grateful with what we have. I am taught this concept since I am young and I teach my children as well. I am thankful that my children understand our situation as well.”

(from left to right) Mdm Suriati receiving the grocery vouchers with Raihan and Rasul.