Giving Back

Meeting people for the first time puts Chai Chang Xun on edge. But learning music has opened up a new world for the lanky 18-year-old. An audition by the Beautiful Mind Music Academy (BMMA), a unit of the Beautiful Mind Charity, opened the doors for his venture into music.

As a fresh music student, he struggled with understanding the rudiments of music, and overlooked details such as the rhythm, dynamics and overall mood of a piano piece. While innately talented, Chang Xun was also easily distracted and impatient with himself. The learning process proved to be challenging and he felt frustrated and sometimes, discouraged.

Through the collaboration and support of Chang Xun’s teachers from Rainbow Centre and BMMA, he grew in skill, confidence, and appreciation of music. Since then, Chang Xun has performed on many occasions, such as the Pyeongchang Special Music and Art Festival 2015 as well as the Community Chest Awards 2017 held at the Istana.

Subsequently, Chang Xun began volunteering at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. Three times a week, his beautiful music helps to provide respite and comfort to the hospital’s patients, staff and the public.

Chang Xun’s parents have witnessed big differences in their son through his musical journey. Music has helped Chang Xun, who has autism and ADHD, to improve in his ability to stay focused on his tasks. The perseverance and grit

On top of being a member of the school’s prefectorial board, he has also successfully completed six months of vocational learning attachment at Good Thyme Bistro where he learnt to prepare food and drinks. He also an intern at the Food Works department at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

Chang Xun performing at the Rainbow Centre Charity Golf 2018