Learning Beyond Laptops

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, it illuminated the value of technology in education, with online learning set to increase from here on. Our partner Lenovo recognised this too, and wanted to do its part to increase access to technology for vulnerable families in Rainbow Centre. 

In collaboration with Microsoft and Community Chest Singapore, Lenovo provided 50 families with one laptop each during the circuit breaker period, and a further nine laptops for staff use. This allowed students like Muhd Danish Bin Radin Norazanil (far right in photo below) to access resources more readily and learn within the safety of his home. Beyond education, having a laptop also brought Danish closer to his dream of becoming a YouTuber!

Our students pose with their certificates of participation in Lenovo’s training courses.

Lenovo did not stop there. As the beneficiaries expressed a wish for some computer training, Lenovo developed virtual lessons, conducted across two Saturdays, allowing their student participants to put their new laptops to good use.

The first session covered basic computer skills and cybersecurity, while the second session focused on Microsoft Office skills, in particular Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Lenovo also involved student volunteers from ITE, who were themselves recipients of the laptop donations, to shadow the trainer and learn to conduct similar training sessions as part of a pay-it-forward programme.

Despite the physical distance, the sessions were kept as interactive and hands-on as possible and participants were encouraged to speak up. Quizzes came with prizes such as recyclable bags and reusable cups to promote sustainability. Our students were proud to receive a certificate of participation for their efforts.

Thank you Lenovo for not just providing our students with the tools for education, but empowering them with the knowledge to go further with these tools as well. We are sure that these skills will continue to serve them well in the future!

The students prepared a digital thank-you note for their trainers from Lenovo and ITE with their newfound skills.