My 20 Years as a Rainbow Centre Volunteer

Mr Nathan Nair is one of our longest-serving volunteers; 2020 marks his 20th year with us!

“I attended Margaret Drive School for my primary school education. The school closed down in 1986 and was converted to a temporary site for Rainbow Centre’s Margaret Drive Special School. In a way, volunteering at RC feels like I’m coming home.

Born with a cleft palate, I struggled with speech. To miss out on opportunities for interaction, not only with my peers, but with adults who could guide me, was discouraging for me. Since then, I told myself that when I grow up, I should help others and contribute to society. The last thing I wanted was for other persons with disabilities to go through what I did.

I could empathise with the students here, and I know that if I can live my life to the fullest, they can do it too. My favourite moments are when I accompany the students on an outing. I can tell, from how their eyes light up when they are in the bus or supermarket, that they genuinely enjoy getting to know about the world. I feel happy after each volunteering session, knowing that I played a part in empowering the students. This sense of fulfilment grows multifold especially when I see the kids grow from toddlers to young adults and graduate from RC.

To me, volunteer work is more than just going into the classroom to help students. It is about being connected in the community and having a purpose in my life by contributing to a cause.”

57-year-old Nathan Nair is one of Rainbow Centre’s longest-serving volunteers.